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Mother, 45, and her 25-year-old son arrested for incest

Kayla Jones, 29 from Texarkana, Arkansas, just wanted to start a family with her husband Cody. Unfortunately, she had undergone a partial hysterectomy aged just 17, which made her dream very difficult to realize, with grave pregnancy complications possible. The solution was to find a surrogate

My Son Is Sexually Attracted to Me | Psychology Today

They are a mother and a son, and she was forced to give him up for adoption when she 14. 27 years later they reconnected, and, as they explain it - they had a deep desire, that wasnt necessarily

Moms And Their Sons Who Are Too Close For Comfort | BabyGaga

Her son, who is soon to be her husband, sent her a letter in England once he tracked her down in his thirties. The two met and the mother claims it sparked at first touch. This story is by far, hands down, the creepiest of moms and sons who are too close for comfort. 9 Son And Mother-In-Law Fall In Love.

Dear Bossip: I Slept With My Step-Son & Now His Brother

A woman whose husband was late, had sex with her eldest son,when interviewed, she complained of being handicaped from sex after the death of her husband.she added "i cant sleep with any other person except her son", when asked why, she explained as follows"i and my husband went to a babalawo for cham, so, both of us swore to it that, if any of us should sleep with another man or woman either